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Our Most Recent Additions

Nothing Just Happens

You do not watch destiny; you work out your destiny. It takes your responsibility to work out your destiny. Nothing just happens! Everything is set in motion.


The Making of Greatness

Do you have dreams that you have failed to actualize? Or have you been plagued with indecision, stagnation, slow motion, or uncertainties.


Money & Pleasure: Trap of Purpose

The things that keep purpose in chain look very friendly, but they are enemies. Money is merely a reward for service. It is the outcome of input. 


Other Materials - Readers are Leaders

Becoming the World's Greatest

Discover how you can: "become a genius," "build inner strength," "handle failures," "develop your image power," "keep your flaws in perspective," "make friend with your time," and a lot more. 


Success Buttons for Life & Academic Excellence

How did a man whose teacher in Munich wrote in his school report, “You will never amount to anything much” become the world’s most brilliant chap?


Operating God's Private Lines

You can secure divine interventions without utterance or crying. This amazing book is guaranteed to change your prayer life and your walk with God forever.


A Heart for God

This book tells you that behind the inexplicable favour, sweat-less rising, unprecedented success, and advancement is a man with A Heart For God.


Your Best Year Ever

Everything around us was finished in the mind of its creator before it was started. A successful year is a year that you finish before you start.


Achievers Daily Tonic

Every day you will find a variety of strategies and techniques enhanced by anecdotes and inspiring stories. Each day has its own daily Bible reading.


Growing in Life

It is true that everyone has no choice but to age. But everyone has a choice to grow or not to grow. To grow is not in age. How? Find out from this book


How Did I Become Like This

How do people end up with the kind of attitude they have? Why do some people have good attitudes and others in the same conditions, bad attitudes?


The Woman and Her Sexuality

Everywhere she turns she is raped and abused. Everywhere she looks she is ridiculously painted in pictures that is not her.