Build Your Business Package

The contents of this package have been specifically selected by Nick and the Achievers team. We have put in thousands of hours over the past 33 months to create this package. Nick has, over the past 21 years, coached and mentored many people and using that experience, he ran countless tests and combinations to find the exact strategies needed to motivate and promote lasting change.

Build Your Business

The Big Question for you now is: What could you do to build your dream business if you only had 37 more days to act?
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What’s Included in the Build Your Dream Business Package?

Build Your Business Program is divided into 8 modules, each of this module has subjects, which have been selected to help you overcome the most common challenges that hold people back.


Purpose Discovery

Find out why you were created and begin living from that purpose.
  • Self-Discovery
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Potential
  • Skill & Knowledge


Vision Development

To help you bring to life on the outside what you’re seeing on the inside.
  • Values
  • Plan
  • ​Goals 


Confidence Building

To develop the courage to be all you were created to be and do all you were created to do. 
  • ​Mindset
  • Believe
  • Self-Love 
  • ​Courage
  • ​Overcome


Business Startup

To help you construct through your idea, innovate the concept, develop the process, and bring the concept to reality.
  • Ideas Generation
  • Ideas Development
  • ​Branding
  • ​Marketing


Financial Management

To help you develop the skills to manage & plan your personal, family or business finance and create wealth.
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Family Financial Planning
  • Business Financial Planning
  • Debt Management
  • Wealth Creation


Business Management

To acquire the skill in the judicious use of your materials, resources, time, and finance to accomplish a defined objective, purpose, or goal.
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Controlling


Business Growth

To raise your level of excellence and effectiveness in your business.
  • Think Big
  • ​Hiring
  • ​Discipline
  • Diligence
  • ​Consistency


Health & Healing

To help you understand the provisions of the healing covenant, and the importance of heathy living.
  • Spirit, Soul & Body
  • ​Divine Healing
  • ​Divine Health
  • Talk Health
  • ​Live Healthy

Private Coaching

One-On-One coaching and mentoring to help you achieve your goal and to help you monitor your progress along your journey to achieving your goal. 

Networking & Masterminds

Come together with like-minded individuals who are committed to personal and/or business growth and success. 

Here is How it Works

You're Just 37 Days from building your dream business!

It’s pretty simple:
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  • Every day for the next 37 days, we are going to send you an email with a link to a new video for the subjects in each module.
  • We will also send you the fillable PDF Companion (Handbook with Worksheets) with exercises for you to practice what you learnt and get the momentum you need to build your dream business. 
  • You will ONLY need to commit 30 minutes per day to build your dream business.
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