Born to Reign

You are "Born to Reign" program is a teaching series, which is a mandate given to Nick on May 13th, 2020 from: "Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified." - Acts 20:32 (NIV).
We have two (2) reasons for creating this program:
  1. To change or elevate your Belief System     
  2. To build capacity into your spirit man by revelation

How do we Build Capacity?

We will build capacity into your spirit man by helping you to:

1. Understand Your Identity

This is a Question of: Who are you? It is not a question of what you do. 
  • To help you to know who you really are and how to become it.

2. Understand Your Origin & Source

This is a Question of: Where do you come from? 
  • To help you understand that you are not an ordinary person 
  • The seed of God is within me

3. Understand Your Purpose

This is a Question of: Why are you here? 
  • To bring to your awareness that you are born to reign in life
  • To share with you: God’s original plan for humanity and God’s design for you as a human 
  • To help you that you don’t have a choice, but to fulfill your purpose

4. Understand Your Ability, Strength & Potential

This is a Question of: What can you do? 
  • To reveal your actual worth

5. Understand Your Destiny

This is a Question of: Where are you going?
  • To help you see that you are destined for greatness 
  • To bring to your understanding that you’ve been made for the top

Where You Can Get us

You can benefit from this program through the following platforms:
  • Our Social Media platforms: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - @TheAchieversNetwork
  • Born to Reign (BTR) Seminars