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Nothing Just Happens

Product Details
  • Perfect Paperback: 118 pages

  • Publisher: Achievers Publishing (28 April 2010)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 978-1-907011-08-5

Book Description

Many dreams, many promises are stuck between heaven and earth because they are waiting for someone to sign for them. And if no one signs for them, such dreams can never be actualized. It doesn't matter how much of them we have - or how strong our conviction is or how much of them we have conceived. You do not watch destiny; you work out your destiny. You do not fold your hands and wait for your destiny to arrive at your feet; rather, it takes your responsibility to work out your destiny. Nothing just happens! Everything is set in motion. How do you work out your destiny? - The first step is to take ownership of your dream as no one ever arrives at an enviable destiny without a dream. Dream is the means by which you arrive at your life's destiny. This is why in this book, Nick attempt to explain and answer the questions: How Do You Take Ownership of Your Dream? How Do You Incubate Your Dream? How Do You Carry Your Dream Into Fulfilment? You Can Make Something Happen...!"

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