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Money & Pleasure: Trap of Purpose

Product Details
  • Perfect Paperback: 112 pages

  • Publisher: Achievers Publishing (1 Jul. 2007)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 978-0-955556210

Book Description

MONEY: "Money is merely a reward for service. It is the outcome of input." PLEASURE: "It is service before pleasure that makes a chief while pleasure before service makes a thief." TRAP OF PURPOSE: "The things that keep purpose in chain look very friendly, but they are enemies." What steps are you taking to ensure that for the rest of your life, you do not die in pressure and poverty; but live a life of purpose and end your journey as a fulfilled, wealthy and service-oriented personality? This book is equipped and loaded with practical achievers' success secrets and time-tested keys that will deliver into your hands: -

  • The difference between purpose and the right purpose.

  • Why purpose is supposed to be service-oriented and not gain-oriented.

  • How money is a reward for service and never a factor for success.

  • That pleasure is an offspring of service and how it has trapped many destinies.

  • The unchangeable law of pleasure after labour

  • More than enough reasons the quest for money and pleasure have trapped purpose and destroyed destinies.

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