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Your Best Year Ever

Product Details
  • Perfect Paperback: 106 pages

  • Publisher: Achievers Publishing (16 Feb. 2010)

  • Language: English

  •  ISBN: 978-1-907011-04-7

Book Description

Everything around us was finished in the mind of its creator before it was started. A successful year is a year that you finish before you start. This is the way to have the best year ever. Until you learn how to program yourself for success from January to December, you will not experience your best year ever. The big question now is - how do I finish before I start? Finishing before you start is a journey of hope and an evidence of things not seen. It is our understanding of what the future will be that drives us to do what we do. Our thoughts, choices and actions are working in harmony to bring into existence what we have mentally concluded the future to be. Therefore, our decisions and actions today are creating the future as we see it. So, it is our future that determines the decisions we make, and our decisions will determine the actions we take. Your Best Year Ever will help you in many ways. And the benefits are applicable to all; Christian, non-Christian, consultant, owner of a professional practice or a motivator. You can finish a year before you start it. You are in for something wonderful these next 12 months of your life

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