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The Making of Greatness

Product Details
  • Perfect Paperback: 158 pages

  • Publisher: Achievers Publishing (10 Nov. 2009)

  • Language English

  • ISBN: 978-1-907011-02-3

Book Description

Do you have dreams that you have failed to actualize? Or have you been plagued with indecision, stagnation, slow motion, uncertainties or even retrogression in life? Then, you need THE MAKING OF GREATNESS. This thrilling book is an unveiling of the ten irrefutable tools of greatness. In it, you will discover:

  • How to birth and believe in the uncommon dream.

  • How to develop a passion for the uncommon dream.

  • How to apply your plan of action.

  • How to ignore your personal limitations and accept responsibility.

  • The effects of uncommon relationship/mentorship in achieving your greatness.

  • How to become a student of information geared towards your greatness.

  • How to face and accept challenges in life.

Nicholas Imoru has packaged this book to give you these tools needed to terminate your indecision, stagnation, slow motion, uncertainties… and to provide time-tested and proven answers for the questions in your heart. “If you don’t know your destination, you will never make a departur

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